“Numbers and humankind” exhibition
Historical building of the Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

How old is the world’s oldest tree? How many emails have been sent today? How many births take place in a minute? Numbers appeared 5000 years ago, even before language and writing, and they have had an undeniable role in every human discipline. That’s why the University of Barcelona pays them tribute through an itinerant exhibition manufactured by Indissoluble.

A large white wall, 80cm thick, 11 metres long and 2,8 metres high, is the supporting element for these numeric data referring to mobility, demography, cultural diversity or climate change among others.

The numeric data representation on the wall follows two different systems, one is static and the other one is dynamic. The static system consists of printed magnetic cards distributed along the wall and grouped by disciplines. The dynamic system consists of the projection of 40 real time counters showing world data like, for instance, how many days are left till we run out of petroleum, the amount of bicycles manufactured this year or the amount of cigarettes smoked today.

The wall’s bearing structure is made of aluminium tubes and is coated with Dibond®, aluminium sandwich plates. This allows placing the magnetic cards wherever it’s needed during the exhibition’s itinerancy.

GISME (Interdisciplinary Reflection Group and Math Solutions for Entities).
January 10th – February 7th 2018

Conceptual design:
Adrià Clapés (GISME)
Direction, production and assembly:
Juan Roberto Vásquez
Project direction:
Paula López
Graphic design:
Juliana Trujillo
Francisco Candel
Tomás Navarro
Technology and multimedia:
Oriol Borrega
Marco Vásquez
Gabriel Betancourt
Pablo Pariente
Ángel Alcalá
Francisco Alcalá
Salvador Camí
Alejandro Cuñado
Javier Fuertes
Marco Antonio Gallego

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