Exhibition “Designing America. Spain’s imprint in the U.S”

Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid

The exhibition “Designing America. Spain’s imprint in the U.S.” was held at the Biblioteca Nacional of Spain, from 4 July to 12 October 2014.

Indissoluble carried out the concept, design and production of the exhibition, for which the modular system was revived as the exhibition centerpiece. The 150 1mm aluminum plate metal cubes, made from 12 laser-cut assembled pieces, shown in their faces content related to exhibition, and furthermore it helps to create a permeable division in the room, allowing visitors to walk the exhibition halls following an established path but without being wedged between a maze of white walls.

In this exhibition the spanish contribution in building the land, landscape and cities in the United States is displayed from the first foundations to the present day. This influence is mainly shown by the cartographic funds accumulated by the Biblioteca Nacional, but there is also room for the technology, always with an informative and rigorous approach : the video installation “The Spanish frontier in North America” shows the history of the United States through the evolution of its borders from the first settlements to the twentieth century, while “The Spanish language in American geography”, a spectacular installation of more than 6 meters long featuring an amazing grid of colored threads, reveals the influence of Spanish language in the United States through its place names.

On the walls are maps displayed along with information panels that divide the contents of the exhibition thematically. The whole exhibition is distributed around a black line that runs around the wall perimeter, that serves as well as a link between the different contents.

Indissoluble has also made the graphic design of the exhibition, taking care of not only the posters but also the design and layout of the catalog and the web site.

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Fundación Consejo España – Estados Unidos

From 4th July to 12th October 2014

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Diseñar América. El trazado español de los Estados Unidos