Archeolectio. Wide format and high resolution scanner
Heritage preservation
Palatine Roman Forum

High definition scanner for large documents. It’s composed of two lens that take a variable number of pictures depending on the document format. Pictures are joint using softwares that correct color and perspective aberrations. Archeolectio was specially designed for scanning handmade plans, drawings and historical pictures from 19th century archeological excavations lead by Giacomo Boni.

The aim of the project is to recover Boni’s legacy to disseminate its knowledge. Documentation contains more that 2.500 unpublished files that will be soon available for new scientific studies.

Digital version of papers will help its preservation as original files will be save from manipulation. Furthermore, high resolution scans reveal details that are not visible with the naked eye, and indexation offers easy access to all documents for historical analysis and 3D reconstruction.

Soprintendenza speciale per i Beni Culturali di Roma


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High resolution scan show details not visible with the naked eye

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