“Design an exhibition that will feature over 100 projects within a 235 m2 floor space. That was the brief for Catalan Architects Abroad, an exhibition at the Col·legi d’Architects in Barcelona that presented a fairly large selection of buildings designed by Catalan architects but ralized in areas other than Catalunia. Jordi Hernández and J. Roberto Vázquez of Indissoluble, an rachitecture practice based in Barcelona, solved the spatial puzzle by draping a folded, multi-surfaced display landscape across the room in question. Each triangular facet of their prismatic galvanized-steel structure had a unique shape and position, wich were generated with the help of 3D- modelling techniques. Projects were presented on roudn ‘stikers’ of varying sizes that were attached to the shini facets, each of wich was positioned at reader friendly angle. According to the architects, this topographic setup represented ‘the difusion’ of the projects over the different landscapes of the world’. At the same time, the metal mountain range created a linear exhibition route leading to an angular peak at the centre of the space that served as a projection surface. On a computer, visitors could consult a datbase to look up the positions of the buildings on Google Earth, wich were then projected onto the steel slopes of the mountain, layering real over artificial topography.”

Text: Anneke Bokern

Frame #53 November/December 2006
Anneke Bokern “World Wide Web”

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