Roman Forum, Italy

Archeorobot is a cable-operated bot designed to study in detail the state of repair of the Roman Forum Cloaca Massima (The great sewer). Its dimensions (40x30x23 cm) are appropriated to explore the narrow secondary ducts, inaccessible to human beings.

It’s fully equipped with sensors that get physical data on relief, slope and water level, but also environmental information such as temperature, humidity and gas. It also records the space with pictures and videos taken with a HD camera.

The bot is operated from a dodecahedron shaped control booth, where data are centralized and processed with a one-of-a-kind software.

Information obtained is added to the one captured by the scan laser 3D, so it will be done, for the first time, a complete scientific map of the Cloaca Massima.

Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Culturali di Roma


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Archeorobot is fully equiped with cameras an environmental sensors

It's connected to the computer by a cable

Archeorobot explores the narrowest ducts

Movements and data recorded are processed at the control booth

Diagram of the components used running the archeorobot

Control software screenshot

Localización de los puntos de documentación del archeorobot y del laser scan