Renewal of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada
La Rioja, Spain

For the renewal of the Cathedral interior, we deal with the architecture but also with the information systems of the historical and artistic elements.

We remove all the illumination systems that had filled the temple with visible cables during the last years. The new electric installation was set under the paving we designed using local natural stone. The renewal of the cathedral’s floor also included an electric heating system.

Faint lights were fit into the new paving while conserving the old one underneath. By illuminating the walls, the pillars and the roof, we showed off the beauty of the architecture.

Chapels and corridors were lighted by tailored lamps that included fluorescent ambient light and swivelling spotlights to enhance the artworks.

The Cathedral lighting is controlled by DALI system. It has illuminating preset scenes, such as mass hours or touristic visits.

We also designed and produced the information system for the chapels. It consists in metallic pieces of furniture with videos that explained each chapel. By pressing a switch, visitors turn on its illumination.

A high lighting projector reproduces a multimedia show on the main altarpiece. It explains the history, the composition and the topics captured in the artwork.

In front of it, a touch screen gives extra information by surfing through a real scale high resolution picture.

The renewal of the Cathedral is done at the same time as the exhibition “La Rioja Open Land: Sin, Penance, Forgiveness”.

Cabildo de la Catedral del Salvador

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New paving view

Santo Domingo altarpiece. Photo J.A. Hueto

Crypt entrance. Photo J.A. Hueto

Retrochoir pano. Foto J.A. Hueto

San Jerónimo Hermosilla's crypt. In front of it, the multimedia piece of furniture with information videos for each chapel, and the switch with timer to turn on the light

View form the top of the main altarpiece

Corridor in front of Magdalena's chapel

Paving detail in the pillard's border

Corridor in front of Magdalena's chapel

Effect of the new illumination from the ground

Lamp designed by Indissoluble. Joint system is set always between stones

New lamps with fluorescent light and swivelling spotlights. Illumination is controlled by DALI system

General view showing the new paving, the lamps and the floor focus

San Juan Bautsista's Chapel with its own lighting system

Swivelling spotlights

Touch screen with the high resolution main altar application

Main altarpiece application with real scale picture

Vistiors interacting with the application. Each zoom level provides new information of the artwork

Multimedia show explaining the alterpiece

Multimedia show explaining the alterpiece

Morning multimedia show

Evening multimedia show