ULMA Time Capsule
ULMA Headquarters. Oñate, Guipúzcoa

On the 50th anniversary of the ULMA Group we created a Time capsule for their headquarter’s gardens in Garagartza. The cooperative group winked at the future organizing an event where messages, objects and wishes are presented for the future partners.

In Indissoluble we designed and produced a steel sculpture with a poliedric shape that symbolizes the business network of the Group. This sculpture embraces the container that holds the messages and objects in nine different methacrylate boxes. Eight of those boxes contain objects representing the Group’s different areas and wishes. A ninth box is holds corporative ULMA documents.

Time capsule was designed and produced entirely with CAD-CAM systems. The tridimensional model generates the information allowing to build the different pieces, each one different from the other, with laser cut technology. This way, the resulting pieces are joined together with precision. Previously, the informatic model allowed us to test structural stability before final construction.

ULMA Hormigón Polímero

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The space between the capsule and the metal topography that protects it.

The metallic petals, one for each ULMA's group company.

Detail of finish of stainless steel parts, laser cut.

Opening of ULMA Time Capsule.

Boxes with items provided by the companies of the Group, before being placed in the interior of the capsule.

The founders of the Group before the capsule ULMA.

Representatives of the Group companies, taking his case to be placed inside the capsule.

The boxes with the objects inside the capsule

Following the closure of the capsule, each representative works in the folding of the petals.

Roberto Vasquez delivering the box with keys and instructions to Irene Alberdi, chair of ULMA.

Roberto Vásquez and Jordi Hernández, directors of Indissoluble.

The capsule (rectangular prism) protected by the steel petals. 3D Model Project.

The capsule enclosed in a steel topography. 3D Model Project.

Model-scale for tests.

Stainless steel plate, freshly cut by laser.

Detail of Laser-cut.

Preparing the base pieces of the Capsule.

Geometric support with rejected pieces for assembly.

Geometric assembly process.

Capsule three-dimensional model.

Geometric support with rejected pieces for assembly.

Pre-assembly of the Capsule.

Polishing process of stainless steel.

Presentation of the pieces in the installation site.

Counterweights to fix the capsule on the ground.