indi – Carcer-Tullianum (Mamertino) Multimedia Application
Foro Romano. Roma.

Volta3D by Indissoluble has developed a 3D exploration system of Carcer-Tullianum, also konwn as Mamertino. The system lets the user navigate through the building combining 360º panoramics and very high resolution images.


Roman Forum web site shows latest archeological research on roman and medieval complex. It holds extensive interactive information easily to explore. The site makes the scientific knowledge accessible to everyone and can be used as an educational tool.

Digitalization is also a good option to preserve the cultural heritage. HD pictures are nowadays the most precise technology to recor physical characteristics.


Roman Forum web page is a scientific publication that puts together all the knowledge on the archeological complex, it holds:

· 60 information cards divided into 300 sections
· 10 HD panoramic
· 1200 pictures that show objects, historical images, sketches and plans
· 9 interactive images

Web site offers intuitive navigation through index and 360º panoramics. Visitors can also appreciate in detail architectural and pictorial elements. Information cards provide extra information of monuments and objects.


HD panoramic photos are edited by multiple shots, regarding resolution, colour and focus uniformity.
It’s possible to appreciate details and identify materials and state of repair, and arrange restoration tasks. An example of this are the Carcer paints, that are explained using layers and a virtual restoration.

Soprintendenza speziale per i beni archeologico di Roma


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Forum Panorama

Forum Panorama with navigation scheme.

Forum Panorama with navigation scheme.

Forma Urbis Romae Archaeological map.

Information tab.

Interactive Images access.

High-Res Interactive Image.

Carcer-Tullianum panorama.

Carcer-Tullianum panorama with access-points scheme.

Palimpsest painted with Saints Peter and Paul on the throne.

Carcer-Tullianum Altar.

Carcer-Tullianum axonometric.

Plate with ring foot Object Panorama.

High resolution image of an inscription.