Video Mapping. Forment Altarpiece
La Rioja Tierra Abierta: Sin-Penance-Forgiveness. Temporary Exhibition.
Santo Domingo de la Calzada. La Rioja, Spain

Multimedia system to explain the altarpiece of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, one of the most important works of the sculptor Damià Forment

It’s a 10 minutes show, using video projection on the same altar and surround audio.
The altarpiece comes to life and explains itself: the compositional schemes, floors and streets, the distribution issue, the sense of its origin and composition.

Indissoluble also made an multi-touch application, built inside of a cabinet, to explore the altarpiece via zooms up to real size scale. At each zoom level, progressively detailed information appears about the most significant elements that compose it.

Fundación Caja Rioja + Gobierno de la Rioja.

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Moment of the projection when explains the compositional structure of the Altarpiece of Forment

The altarpiece

Explaining the artists biography: Damian Forment

Diagram of the relative position of the altar and the video projector, at opposite ends of the transept

Calibrating the projection, a necessary step for the show exact match

Moments of the show: Forment and inspiration in nature

Moments of the show: location of characters

Moments of the show: the Altarpiece main concepts

The touch table. the visitor navigates the altar, coming to see him in real scale

In each zoom level, additional information appears