Heaven’s Dome. 360º projection
The Heaven Dome
La Rioja Tierra Abierta: “Pecado-Penitencia-Perdón”, Temporary Exhibition
Santo Domingo de la Calzada. La Rioja, Spain

On the occasion of the fourth edition of the exhibition La Rioja Tierra Abierta, Indissoluble builds on the roof of the defenses of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada a 7,5m diameter dome, with a capacity for 30 people who can lay on a couch and enjoy an immersive 360º projection.

The interior of the dome is a neutral space with round shapes, colonized by the projector cabinet that, located in the center, dominates the room. Visitors can relax on the perimetral sofa and enjoy a breathtaking visual spectacle.

The dome, built in our workshop, consists of 12 plywood segments. The exterior finish is a waterproof polyester canvas, with white PVC coating on both sides, which adapts to the geometry of the segments and protects the wooden core.

Fundación Caja Rioja + Gobierno de la Rioja

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The Dome over the Cathedral Defenses

Cabinet which houses the video projector with ultra-wide angle lens, the cooling system and sound

The objective with 360º ultra-wide angle lens

Environmental color changes with RGB LED lighting


Hallucinating in pairs

Various projection moments

Video captures, made by 3D animation and rendering spherical shape

Section of the Dome, where the structure is to spread the load on the deck of Defenses

Assembling the Dome, with corners cut wood ribs with numerical control system. Placed inside thermal insulation rockwool.

The exterior of the dome was covered with tarpaulin