Caixanova Permanent Exhibition
Caixanova Social Center. Competition

The goal is to create spaces and systems to design and integrate corporate information Caixanova, with a link about the new technologies of information and image.
Initially it is proposed to fill in this center, the niche that is pending in the cultural offerings of this financial institution.
Will target the general public, mainly young people.
This new space should become a magnet, and invite visitors to enter, projecting an image of Caixanova associated with modernity and avant-garde.
By forming a single unifying element is proposed to organize and structure this new integrated information space, where visitors can get information on Caixanova and cultural activities offered.
This distributor will lead us in visiting the various theme rooms, arranged around it.


The hub isolated from the building

Plan View

Rest area and consultation in multi-touch screens

Multi-touch table

Access to the itinerary

Inside the tunnel, with integrated screens

Interactive cultural room

Virtual reality room

Interactive Wall for query of art collections

Interactive Wall for query of art collections

Access to the Caixanova in the world

Access to the mediatheque

Spheric screens within Caixanova in the world

Benches and tables query