Natural wood stand for ADIGSA
Barcelona Meeting Point

The content should reflect the address fields of action that Adigsa serves to the citizen: Housing Programs and Lines of Action.
Always with an emphasis on sustainability, linking housing quality and energy savings.

The stand had to be representative to the institution that symbolizes:
– Wide open space
– Important Concepts: recycling, thrift, low cost … All information should be treated from the standpoint of sustainability, quality and proximity to the citizen, with a language close, simple and inclusive.

The structure of the stand was based on a network of untreated wooden slats, according to some laws but with freedom to use formal.
Placed pieces of plywood to give a varying density of the enclosure and serving to support graphics, displays and other needs of the stand.

The stand is configured by arranging various structures scattered around the perimeter, forming an open central plaza.
The different areas are interrelated.
The views and diagonal circulation convey the feeling of a living space and movement.

In multimedia applications, the visitor, using a touch screen to access all the information related to performance Adigsa programs.
Depending on the option chosen by the user activates the power of certain neon signs and / or throw some videos on LCD screens located in the structure of the stand.

In the game, the user must locate, in a house represented by three spaces (kitchen, lounge and bathroom), twelve elements and actions that make it more environmentally sustainable.
A chart provides information at all times the level of savings in water, electricity and waste reduction is succeeding.

The results and graphs that are generated during the game, are replicated in an information screen to be viewed by the public present at the stand.
Every action done in the game is played at the same time on a mechanical panel, where each element is represented in two states: before and after the user performs an action that favors energy conservation and sustainability.


· Interactive contents

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The stand seems low-tech. It's actually a sophisticated structure, freestanding, dismountable.

Exterior sides

Interior sides

Multimedia app screens

'Turn your home sostenible', multimedia app