HP Stand Latex Atmosphere Experience. CNC Plywood
Hewlett Packard Traveling Showroom
SGIA Las Vegas, USA

The HP Latex Experience is the new HP exhibition space. It shows the variety of uses for HP latex inks.
The aim was to create a unique space separated from the exterior, so visitors will enjoy a catching environment with no interferences from what is outside of the stand.
The structure is composed plywood modules cut using CNC technology. Pieces are joint together by screws and aluminum beams. The set is wrapped by PVC printed plates held to the modules using velcro. Constructing system is conceived considering transportation and a easily assembly.
Visual graphics were designed at the same time as architecture, as they are essential to show the product. Latex inks are unique for its elasticity, durability, resistance to environmental changes and the possibility to print them on a wide variety of materials. Space was filled with bright printed designs on PVC, backlight PVC, vinyl, fabric and wood.
We also designed an installation that simulated the trip of a motorcycle under changing weather. A visual solution to show latex inks resistance.

Hewlett Packard

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Sectioned plan

Schematic axonometric

The built-in Vespa

Mounting of test modules

Coupling of the modules

Putting the cover plates

Mounting process