Construmat Stand, ULMA. Polymer concrete
CONSTRUMAT Trade Fair. Barcelona

The stand for the Basque company ULMA occupies an area of 254 m2. Its goal is the joint presentation of the four lines of business, but individually.
Everything has to focus on three aspects: architecture and design, the product to exhibit and emotions.
It is necessary to stimulate the five senses: sight, with the booth and the products; hearing, with sounds that mimic the nature of the Basque Country; touch, by the possibility to touch real products; taste, with a fresh, aromatic and sweet meal, in contrast to the hard engineering image of the company; smell, incorporating the scent of nature and the odor of the primary materials that compose the stand, like wood.
The aesthetics are clean, with few videos and texts, ensuring that the information is in the graphic supports. The lighting emphasizes the products, placed on pedestals of varying heights, to generate a better relationship with the visitor.
We choose a strong image, very architectural, to convey quality, service and professionalism of the company, but with a simple aesthetic that does not detract from the product. The materials are very pure and of sober character: wood, steel, glass and concrete of the exhibition pavilion floor.
The space is conceived as a plaza, focusing on the meeting point at the center. The plaza is closed on each side by a structure that encloses the space and serves as a support for each business line. The corners are thus fully open to visitors, without a clear entrance, to enter the place almost without realizing it. In these four entrances are located the personal contact areas with tables and chairs. The original pavement of the exhibition pavilion is shown here, signalized with graphics made with black vinyl.
The architectural form evolves from the concept of natural structure-sculpture, ribbon and dynamic interaction. An object that is developed to generate different spaces, being cut and then moved to generate recesses, elevations and folds. It works like nature itself, it is a unique topographic object. It becomes a base and path that interacts with people while serving as an exhibition stand, creating spaces and work and meeting areas.

ULMA Hormigón Polímero

· Exhibition design. Showing the best

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Technical mounting plan

The primary wood strip that makes up the stand

Black vinyl graphics on the Exhibition Hall original floor

During assembly

Placing the samples

The iPad stand

Conceptual model

Designing the paper cup for grapes